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Blues4Kali- A Cult Classic for the End Times [27 Jan 2007|11:40pm]

[ mood | creative ]

What will Winter Solstice bring in 2012?
...an instant of Karma? ...an ethereal spiral dance of the collective soul? ... cosmic judgment leveled against civilization's expanse? ...destruction of the world as we know it? ...a chance for a new start? ...the rise and the revenge of the Goddess? or simply another day in the life of paranoia?
These are the false prophesies that your pastor warned you about!

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[29 Aug 2006|03:06pm]
[ mood | intimidated ]


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[24 Jul 2006|04:46am]
If you ask anyone who is Criterion Games, they will probably not know at all. Although, if they are a big gamer, they will know that the company has made Black, and the Burnout Series. As you know, the burnout series, and Black is mainly based on one thing, damage. You can cause so much damage on those games, it's not even funny. You can pretty much destroy everything in your path... http://game-era.com/review/id/12
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[30 May 2005|12:57am]

We're building the hate, help us with the masonry.
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the matrix [26 Aug 2004|01:34am]

[ mood | lethargic ]

join, create, submit, and if you're lucky, WIN!

hi everyone!

please come and join the icon challenge community, icon_challenge_! this weeks challenge is the matrix (either of the 3 movies). you may submit up to three icons to be voted on later in the week.

so please join, create, submit, and if you’re lucky, win!

<3 gwen xoxo

[x-posted everywhere!]
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[12 Aug 2004|11:33pm]
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reflection [22 Aug 2003|02:30am]

man...i have just looked back at some of the entries i wrote about when me and Rebecca had just broke up and DAYUM i had it pretty bad...all those things that i read...i started to remember how in horrible shape i was without her...and man am i here to say that THANK GOD time does heal wounds. Never in a million years did i think that i would be here today and feel the way i do about her now. I still totally love her...and like i said in a previous entry...i will always love her no matter what...that part was definetely true, but man am i glad to be here where i am right now...the fact that i am who i am today without is proof that it's not the end and there are plenty of things to come after a break up. If anyone has read my previous entries i was a complete mess...i mean COMPLETE MESS...but now i am happy...indepedant...have a good job...still in school workin towards that degree. I am writing this entry solely for the purpose to provide other people that have been in a reltionship and have felt as though they are at the bottom and can't get up...baby if ur at the bottom...the only way to go is up. i thought i would never live to see the day that i was 100% over her...but here i am. I am not gonna lie and say that it is not gonna hurt and that it's not gonna take time. For me it hurt like crazy and sometimes i think about it and it still hurts...but it always will...and it took me 2 years to be sure i was over her...and not everyone is gonna take that long...but it will happen...i promise. if u have any questions...please feel free to write me. Like i said earlier...this is just for those who are where i once was...just thought i would let u know that ur not alone.
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First image of Hellboy: [13 May 2003|07:06pm]

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Siren [02 May 2003|12:26pm]

New survival horror game for PS2

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"Conquering the world!!" [25 Feb 2003|10:27pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey, this is an unnecesary list thread meant for us not to learn anything.

I was going through the music of the original Jet Set Radio and I just wondered whatever are your fave videogame soundtracks.

Mine are:

- Jet Set Radio ( Rob Zombie and Cibo Matto! )
- Maken X
- Resident Evil 0
- Turok 2
- Final Fantasy 7 & 8
- Zelda OoT

So spam and tell me what are your fave videogame soundtracks!

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::watches villagers climb mountain to enter village, and behold...:: [17 Feb 2003|11:03am]

[ mood | awake ]

"It is I, Yoshimitsu!!"

Community under new management. Thanks to rinoa666 for this opportunity, I won't fail it.

Well, originally, I was going to change this community into music only. But I'm thinking twice when I watch on how so much its built on. I fell as a sudden change would not be good. So maybe we should continue the randmomness that attracted so many members, for now.


Now before I go, let me make something that would be an actual entry:

The Skull Man

Coming from TokyoPop, The Skull Man is more or less of the japanese answer to Spawn. With multiple strange powers, ranging from creating psychic gaps, moving through shadows, and turning everything to fire whenever he's trapped, Skull Man fights against the evils of Rasputin, bent on obvious world domination.

It might look crappy on the surface, but if you look more into these graphic novels, it turns out kicking ass. Volume 3 is particularly entertaining as it starts with mutant chameleons raiding a fashion show.

Looks for these at Borders or any comicbook store.

Well, that is all for now!

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[09 Feb 2003|07:18pm]

Sadly this place kinda died. I don't have any time to work on it or get it back to how it used to be, so if anyone's interested in having this here Community journal, contact me or leave a comment with reasons/plans for it.

T'was good meeting some of you fine people on here.
Thanks, and all the best.
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greetings [02 Jan 2003|12:51am]

happy new year all hope its a good one ENJOY !
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yay, newbies. [27 Dec 2002|10:04pm]
i just want to say hi. this place looks cool. i like survival horror, most genres of music, and foreign and indie and horror films. and a lot of other stuff.

/stands awkwardly.
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[18 Dec 2002|11:21am]

who cant wait for tr6 i want it now !
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check me out !! [30 Oct 2002|06:32pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

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........ [09 May 2002|10:21am]
[ mood | calm ]

Umm hi every one I just joined.


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The Durango Travel Music [30 Apr 2002|09:00am]

[ mood | curious ]

I was wondering if anyone in the community could suggest me some new music to buy?So what do you guys listen to?For refernce in my likings,check my interest list at my userinfo.

Oh and,today I get Resident Evil on GameCube!

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[13 Apr 2002|02:26pm]

there is a possibility there is a virus being aimed at LJ users.

if you recieve an email, asking you to test this guys soccer game and get a "free copy" when its a best seller, dont do what i did and open it.

it deletes regedit.exe (registry editor) and if you have windows media player 7 or above, it gets rid of that too.
norton antivirus 2001 ceases to work, and the virus attempts to delete "My Documents", but cant as windows wont let it.

just thought i should warm you all
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[16 Mar 2002|06:12pm]

Hello. Introduction time is in order, then.
My name is Bryy, and right now I can't think of what to write for my anthropology final, so it would be the mnost opportune time to put up my first entry at this site.
I'm 19. The thought of turning 20 scares me, but not that much.
I draw. I write. I get 500,000 ideas a day.
I have a stuffed pink and purple dragon named Spit back at my home in Palo Alto, for right now I'm up at UCSC.

Drawing out my dreams is a hobby of mine. Right now I have three projects rolling around in my head. One is "Le Kitty Chau de Croissants", of which my buddy Casey and I are working on vigilantly. Then there is "Era of Dinosaurs", which is one of my passing little video game ideas set in a world where dinosaurs still rule the earth, and a dino-hybrid must set things right. And then we have the ever popular "The Chronicles of Porter", which is based on- but not limited to- the ghosts and goblins of UCSC.

And my mind blanks.
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