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::watches villagers climb mountain to enter village, and behold...::

"It is I, Yoshimitsu!!"

Community under new management. Thanks to rinoa666 for this opportunity, I won't fail it.

Well, originally, I was going to change this community into music only. But I'm thinking twice when I watch on how so much its built on. I fell as a sudden change would not be good. So maybe we should continue the randmomness that attracted so many members, for now.


Now before I go, let me make something that would be an actual entry:

The Skull Man

Coming from TokyoPop, The Skull Man is more or less of the japanese answer to Spawn. With multiple strange powers, ranging from creating psychic gaps, moving through shadows, and turning everything to fire whenever he's trapped, Skull Man fights against the evils of Rasputin, bent on obvious world domination.

It might look crappy on the surface, but if you look more into these graphic novels, it turns out kicking ass. Volume 3 is particularly entertaining as it starts with mutant chameleons raiding a fashion show.

Looks for these at Borders or any comicbook store.

Well, that is all for now!
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